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Welcome to Outsource Recruitment
Established in response to the exceptional economic climate we now find ourselves in, Outsource Recruitment Ltd provides CUSTOMISED Human Resource / Recruitment SUPPORT to Client Companies and Candidates.

For Client Companies who, owing to cost reduction, drive for efficiency, business stability strategies, are now looking to identify an effective Outsourcing Partner. Where they have recruitment needs / HR projects that do not require a fulltime headcount and who also may not have the resources and / or the expertise within their current teams to meet the needs of the business.

For Candidates who suddenly find themselves in a highly competitive market, where there are excessive applicants for every open position and where they now need to maximise their competitive advantage.

Outsource Recruitment Ltd is a company providing an outsource service in the area of recruitment. As we do not operate as, or have not established ourselves as, a recruitment agency the support provided to Client Companies is of an In-House Recruitment Support nature as opposed to providing a candidate placement service and the support provided to Candidates is of a coaching nature as opposed to a job placement service.